Sharon Cross has been making soap since 1979, mostly cold press soap, until 2010 when she started to experiment with glycerine soap.  After a few years of experimenting and playing, she is finally confident in the quality and uniqueness of these gem-like soaps to sell them to the public.

These unique crystal-like, solid glycerine soaps have been made to appear as though precious or semi-precious gems are hidden within.  The purest glycerine soap is used as the base.

Each inner soap gem is hand painted (non-toxic, non-staining).  Gold, copper or silver metallics are added.   

These soaps are scented with essential oils.  Fragrance Free soaps are also available. 

These soaps provide not only a great conversation piece, they have a beautiful lather that is good for your skin.  The essential oils also have healthy affects on skin as well as aromatherapy.  Glycerin soaps don’t leave a mushy residue in your soap dish, and they are long lasting.  

Touch the Earth Gem Soaps are a labour intensive, and a labour of love product for those wanting something special for someone precious.  These soaps will make a luxurious addition to any bathroom sink or tub area.  Great to give, lovely to use.  

PRICES:  $13 (4-6 oz. bars); $16 (7-9 oz bars); $19 (10-12 oz bars)

About these glycerine soaps:

  • small bars (4-6 oz.) last 3.5 to 4 months in a soap dish in a home of two people.  Larger soaps last longer.
  • no soap scum in the bottom of soap dish.
  • unique product
  • non toxic, non-staining colours
  • takes a whole day to make 6 soaps
  • hand cut, hand painted
  • use the purest glycerine soap on the market

Glycerine Soap 

This natural soap is the best that you can find on the market.  Made from the highest quality vegetable based ingredients. Benefits include no odor, non-yellowing and highly moisturizing formula. 100% real soap and not a combination of detergents and or surfactants.

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